Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Stamp Thing

Yesterday at the post office.
Me: Please, could you give me ten global stamps?
Lady behind the counter: Do you eat deer meat?
Me: Sorry, I didn't understand ...?
Lady behind the counter: Deer meat. Do you eat that?
Me: Deer meat? No. Do you have some leftovers you want to get rid of, or why do you ask?
Lady behind the counter: Where do you come from? Are you from England?
Me: No, I'm from Hamburg, Germany.
Lady behind the counter: You have an English accent.
Me: That's fine. I need ten global stamps. Do you sell them here?
Lady behind the counter (to her colleage at the next counter): Do you have global stamps left?
Lady behind the next counter (rummages around a while and finally finds some. Hands them over.)
Lady behind the counter: Elevenfifty. Thanks. Have a great day!
Me: Same to you, thanks.

Must be American humor.